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Collection fashion door 2018

Doors are a very important component in interior design, exterior of an apartment in particular or a large construction in general. Our furniture is more beautiful, diverse, with natural wood materials bring harmony and sophistication to your home. Our company also offers a wide range of products ranging from medium to high grade, to meet all needs, budget of customers. In particular, we have the ability to provide 1,000-2,000 sets per month, enough to meet the construction schedule for many works in the same time. In addition, the main product of Viet Bo Bo is the beautiful interior wood door. And after months of creative work and nurturing new ideas. Now, Vietcombo company we would like to introduce to you the latest collection of wood doors in 2018. Collection of 6 The main products of SLAMANCA, VENTICA, BODEGA VENTICA, CARLOS SANTOS, BOLZANO and MILANO are all new, luxurious, modern, classy and impressive. Collection as spring gift we welcome the New Year is also a profound gratitude to customers have trusted the company's products in the past!