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Burberry Door  
Vietnamese Viet Combo

Burberry Door

Giá tham khảo: 5.538.000đ/SET

Burberry door design is simple, elegant as the tree grows up high.
Flying with youthful inspiration stretched,
new vitality flowed vigorously.
Designed from color to style, harmony into a sustainable whole:
warm tone and simple style, such as mother land fertile,
nourishing, cover for large buds growth.
Contemplate the passion of enjoying the abundant life,
the same feeling of fashion sophistication.
If Heaven and Earth have four seasons: spring, summer, Autumn, fall,
this is the door that opens up for you
the moment of miraculous transformation between
Spring and Summer, to thrive vigorously and grow.
Become forever in your home.
Burberry's door as a solid foundation,
durable for the happiness is stretched, wide,
for the desire to stretch, fly high flying.
It is the gateway for sustainable development and endless warmth.


Loại Kích Thước Kích Thước
KT cánh 830mm x 2110mm
KT  lọt gió 810mm x 2110mm
KT phủ bì 915mm x 2160mm
Kích thước Khung bao 50mm x 110mm
Kích thước chỉ nẹp 10mm x 50mm

Hình minh họa của của cửa gỗ Burberry:


Chất Liệu: 

Cánh Cửa gỗ tự nhiên nhập khẩu từ Malaysia
Khung bao Gỗ thông đã qua xử ly nhiệt
Độ dày cánh 36mm